Success starts herePK3 through 8th Grade



William Butler Yeats

当我们的学生进入一年级到五年级, we teach a rich, meaningful and balanced curriculum of skills and information through age-appropriate lessons and activities. It is a time when students continue their development towards a stronger foundation of Reading, Writing, 数学和天主教信仰.

强调对孩子身体的全面教育, mentally, spiritually, 情感上和学术上.

As our students mature, we encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. 组织,时间管理和良好的学习技能使我们的学生. We motivate them to be accountable and responsible, as they strive to live, love and act like Jesus.


Our elementary program places students on the path to a life-long love of learning. 课程鼓励好奇心, stimulates thinking and helps to instill a sense of self-confidence in every child.

我们相信卓越是通过设定高标准来实现的, 提供适当的教学方法和监测成绩. Our teachers use differentiated instructional techniques allowing each student to reach their fullest potential.

随着孩子们进入小学阶段, 我们的教学方法从指导性学习转变为指导性学习, 反映学生不断变化的发展需要. 学生对自己的工作和行为更加负责. 他们被鼓励去探索、质疑和为自己辩护.

我们的目标是为每个学生提供一个优秀的, 内容丰富的学术课程, 被天主教的价值观所鼓舞.




In the elementary grades, 教师专注于发展与神的关系, 天主教信仰的基础, and early sacraments. 祈祷和教会的教诲贯穿于每一天. Students attend Mass weekly and participate in devotions including praying the rosary, 站在十字架和崇拜.

我们k -5年级的宗教课程包含天主教教义, Bible themes, social justice, service, 家庭生活和社区祈祷. Second Grade students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion in their classrooms. 所有小学生都参与服务项目.


科学教育帮助学生理解自然世界的运作. 我们通过结合动手探索来教授学生科学概念, technology-based learning, and scientific inquiry. We emphasize that science is a way to investigate, celebrate and care for God’s creation.

In our elementary grades, our science curriculum introduces students to the scientific method as they learn to gather data, 分析结果并得出结论. Through the course of their elementary years at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School, 学生将学习物理, life and earth science. 一些研究领域包括太阳系, systems of the body, leaves and plants, life cycles, simple machines, balance and motion, matter, air and weather, geology and insects.

高年级小学生完成科学研究项目, write reports, give oral presentations and have the opportunity to work on STREAM projects in the classroom. Our elementary science curriculum prepares each student for middle school by enhancing their curiosity and developing their ability to investigate, analyze and explain.


The curriculum is designed to develop mathematical proficiency through the mastery of basic skills and concepts. Through investigation, analysis, critical thinking, 协作和技术的使用, 我们的学生成为有效的问题解决者. Students develop the ability to effectively communicate their understanding of mathematical skills, concepts and processes.

Our math curriculum is based on a traditional approach that provides students with a strong foundation for understanding more complex concepts as they grow. We focus on the essential concepts at each grade level to build Math fluency and in-depth understanding of major mathematical ideas.

我们的小学生探索数学过程, 数字运算和关系, geometry, measurement, 统计、概率和代数关系. 我们的老师使用各种各样的工具, hands-on activities and daily practice to build each student’s number sense and mental math skills and to ensure each student’s preparedness for middle school math.

Social Studies

Education in social studies enables students to become well informed about the world around them through exploration of the social sciences of history, geography, economics, culture and government. Our social studies curriculum is designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills to become informed citizens in a culturally diverse, 相互依存世界中的民主社会.

In the elementary grades, 我们的社会研究课程包括历史概论, geography, economics, geography, civics and government. 一些研究领域包括社区, cities/towns, states, countries and continents, location terms, map and globe skills, famous historic Americans, timelines, energy, transportation, communication, money and banking, goods and services. 四年级的社会研究课程强调佛罗里达研究的这些领域.

我们强调世界各国人民和国家之间的联系, 学会欣赏和尊重多样性, 并示范如何实践好公民. We help our students understand their place in the world as citizens of the United States and as children of God.

Our elementary students move on to middle school with an understanding of the past and present and the ability to meet the challenges of the future.

Reading / Language Arts

The goal of our language arts curriculum in the elementary grades is to ensure every student has a firm foundation in phonemic awareness, comprehension, grammar, writing, vocabulary and spelling. 我们和学生一起培养他们的阅读能力, 写作和口语技能,使他们成为有效的沟通者.

小学低年级(一至二年级), we utilize a reading program that blends a strong phonics foundation with a rich literature experience, 提供一个平衡的方法来阅读和语言艺术. Grammar, punctuation, handwriting and spelling lessons are embedded in the reading series. The writing process is introduced through interactive writing activities and students learn writing traits such as word choice, 组织和惯例. 教师使用Zaner-Bloser方法指导书写.

随着三年级到五年级学生阅读能力的不断提高, 他们面临着变得更加活跃的挑战, thinking readers. 我们的阅读系列随着他们的成长而发展,并融入了自然拼读法, writing skills, study strategies, 将拼写和语法纳入课程. 我们继续把写作作为一个过程来教,学生们进一步磨练他们的技能. 学生们学会清晰有效地写作, 分享信息和知识, to influence and persuade, and to create and entertain.

Students gain the experience of gathering their ideas and presenting them in front of a group. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School’s elementary students learn to communicate with confidence, clarity, creativity and competence. The transition to cursive begins in 2nd grade and is reinforced in subsequent grades. Our older elementary students learn research and inquiry methods and teachers introduce note taking and the organization of information to help prepare them for the move to middle school.



除了核心课程, 卢尔德圣母天主教学校的学生享有各种专业


所有学生每周都接受西班牙语教学. The Spanish curriculum is implemented using age-appropriate activities in a creative, 有趣的课堂环境.

Students in grades K – 5th visit the Spanish classroom once per week and focus on the basic language skills of speaking, listening, comprehension, reading and writing.

六至八年级的学生每周接受两次西班牙语教学, 进一步加深他们的知识. Through hands-on activities, songs, games and projects, 学生既获得了语言技能,又获得了更强的文化意识.


Education in the Visual Arts is important to the development of creative expression. Through the study of visual arts, students develop creativity and build self-confidence. Our visual arts curriculum provides students with aesthetic experiences and builds an understanding of and an appreciation for a variety of cultures.

K - 8年级的学生每周与我们的艺术老师在艺术套房见面. 学生们学习艺术史, drawing, painting, 而雕塑作品以及其他各种方法和媒介. 他们被鼓励创作自己的美丽和个性的作品.


音乐教育是儿童教育的重要组成部分. 通过音乐,学生培养创造力、想象力和表达能力. The music curriculum introduces students to a broad cultural awareness and deeper appreciation of the arts while developing life-long skills.

Students in grades PK3 - 8th participate in weekly music classes in the Music Suite. 我们的重点是培养年轻的歌喉, learning music skills, appreciating music, and sharing musical gifts. 小学生努力学习节奏, 阅读笔记和掌握适合年龄的歌曲曲目.


Our physical education program is designed to develop the necessary skills and experiences that benefit students physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 通过培养身体素质, teamwork, 选择健康的生活方式,建立积极的自我概念.

Elementary students in grades PreK3 - 8th enjoy physical education classes each week in our outdoor athletic facilities. Through fun, fitness and fair play, 我们的学生培养手眼协调能力, basic strength, balance and agility. 他们学习各种运动的技巧和规则. 提高个人技术水平的要素, supporting teammates, 尊重对手和体育精神的质量是强调.